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The world is going paperless, and Consentia can help you keep up.
We'll turn your mountain of paperwork into convenient electronic versions.
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Scanning Services

Asset Protection

By converting paper documents to digital images you can ensure that important information is never lost. The risk of losing information to fire, flood, or just simply misfiling can be completely eliminated.

Information Availability

Digital information can be searched, accessed, and shared in ways that just aren’t possible with paper documents.

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Document Management

Secure digital storage solutions
with easy access

Consentia is pleased to be an M-Files partner. M-Files is an award-winning solution for document management, with robust search options and highly-efficient storage methods. It works on a network, in the Cloud or as a hybrid that combines both.

Unlike other solutions, M-Files focuses on knowing what the document is, rather than where it is filed, making access in the right context a breeze.

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Data Entry

Confidential, Secure, and Accurate

We know your data is important, and we treat it that way. Our staff are all screened with background checks, have signed confidentiality agreements, and are always thinking about security.

Our processes and error checking technology ensures we’ve captured the data accurately so you can turn the data into useful information – because that’s what you really need.

In some cases our technology can even automate the conversion of paper data into a database and eliminate the possibility of data entry errors completely!

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